Custom Drums

Custom drums made to order! Give us a call to start the process, and we'll have you jamming!

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Baba is available for drum making classes and authentic live performances. Please call for more information or to schedule Baba for your event.

Call Baba at +1 (234) 706-2083.

Drum Repair

A broken drum is no fun. Give us a call and we will get you back in order! No job too big or too small. Drums, drums, we take them all!

Call Baba at +1 (234) 706-2083.

Baba David Coleman

Family Drum is a family based company created and own by father and son team Baba David Coleman and son Olugbala Manns. They are 1st and 2nd generation African American African drummers....Wow thats a mouthful, but completely accurate to a unique story. The story begins with David Coleman, "Baba" which means father in many languages.

Baba has over 50 years of experience learning, teaching and playing African and Afro-Caribbean drums. Not only is he a master drummer but he is also a master drum and instrument maker. He specializes in the construction, repair, and maintainance of a variety of styles of percussion instruments.

Baba has also had extensive teaching experience in a number of universities, including Yale. In addition to being a drummer and drum maker, Baba is a spiritualist. As a holy man, he spent many years studying African traditional culture. He is a spiritual advisor and father to many people all over the country. Because of this, FamilyDrum's approach to business is to make the experience of our customers as warm as possible. We want you to know that you are purchasing from people who haav a genuine love and respect for these instruments.

Story continues with son, Olugbala Manns. Olu is also a teacher and drummer for 30 years specializing in Djembe West African style. Traveling more than 10 times to Guinea and Ghana West Africa, he has studied the culture and returned to teach it to his students. he is founder and of Rhythm in the Room which is arts Education company who teaches youth the cultures of Africa through the arts. He is also a college professor at both Kent State University and Hiram College in Ohio. together Baba and Olu are African ambassadors to Afro-music in America.

Call Baba at +1 (234) 706-2083, available for:

  • Session Work
  • Online Lessons